Annie Barrett
June 26, 2009 AT 05:44 PM EDT

Last night, Sacha Baron Cohen paid an in-character visit to Conan, who made sure to call him “Bruno” about 8,000 times. Would he dance? Of course he would. How about a crotch to the face, in multiple positions? Would Conan like that? Well, he certainly…tolerated it. Wow. (Lap dance is at the end of the video, below.)

What do you think — was last night’s crotch-to-face acrobatics routine worse than the one Brüno performed atop Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards? And do his latest stunts — and the iPod-for-baby swap scene previewed above — make you want to see Brüno more or less? For me it’s just a bit more, but mostly because I love watching Conan at his peak discomfort levels. I mean, he had NO CLUE what to do.

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