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Cameron Diaz's 'The Box' trailer: Are you button hooked?

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The trailer for the upcoming Cameron Diaz/James Marsden movie The Box is out, and there are so many “outside the box” or “steps into the batter’s box” puns to make that I simply cannot choose. BYO box pun.

The movie, based on the Richard Matheson short story, is about a mysterious stranger (rather than those totally explainable ones, you know how it goes) who offers Norma and her husband Arthur $1 million to push a weird button — which, he says, will kill someone they don’t know. Push it? Don’t? The human condition/greed/WWJD/where do buttons like that come from/etc then for about two hours.

Well, those are certainly some bodacious ’70s costumes, and some equally bodacious Southern accents. I love a good Twilight Zone-style exploration of wickedness (the story was also adapted into an ’80s ep of TZ), but I worry that there’s not quite enough natural tension to sustain an entire feature. Also, when did Cameron Diaz start playing moms all the time? I feel so old.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you going to celebrate Boxing day?