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Lisa Kudrow's 'Web Therapy' is back for a great second season right now

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It’s a great day for comedy. Better Off Ted returns to ABC tonight, and Lisa Kudrow’s marvelous Web Therapy is making its second-season premiere right now, on a Hulu near you. In the new episode, “Gossip Girl,” Kudrow’s Dr. Fiona Wallice has a session with a woman who thinks she may be exercising compulsively (aka, “gymorexic”). But the session, as it so often does, goes wrong. Way wrong:

Kudrow’s great gift for intelligent humiliation, her uncanny knack for making a storyline seem improvised on the spot, is showcased here. Ever since Kudrow did her equally exceptional 2005 HBO show The Comeback I’ve felt that her talent is moving toward only one true comparison: the kind of witty squirm-comedy Mike Nichols and Elaine May were doing in the 1960s.