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'Real Housewives' reunion preview clips: Teresa is no longer invited to my dinner parties

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Get your bubbies ready, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans! Tomorrow night marks the reunion special, which I’m hoping is just as hilariously vitriolic as New York‘s was earlier this year. Bravo has treated us to some preview clips (embedded below), and though there isn’t nearly enough table throwing for my taste, I’m betting the special will be just as satisfying as a massage at Atlantic City’s The Water Club. The gals talk about those mafia rumors, and they seem to have coined a new term à la “Jumping the Shark”: “Breaking Down the Table,” a phrase that I’m assuming is associated with those with an unhealthy obsession with marble and hairspray who unnecessarily wig out and ruin a nice, tasty-looking meal (but then again, I’m on Team Danielle, folks). I love how Ashley called the table-tossing “a real Jersey moment,” but I have to take Teresa to task for chalking her freak-out up to being Italian. Stereotype your own people much, Teresa? Because, you know, I am also Italian, and I can attest that my whole large family sits around a table for a-spaghetti and a-meatballs before beginning an argument about oregano that inspires the throwing of knock-off framed Last Supper paintings before we all hug and make up and pinch the grandchildren’s cheeks.

But are you pumped for the reunion, PopWatchers? Who do you hope gets the third-degree from Andy?