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Mel Gibson directs Oksana Grigorieva's 'Say My Name' video: Snap judgment time!

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Oksana-Grigorieva-video_l Your opinions were all over the place when we posted one week ago about “Say My Name,” the new single that Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva co-wrote with her beau, Mel Gibson. “I liked the song, it had feeling and was deep,” wrote one commenter. Noted another: “PAINFUL!! YOWLING! Haaaaalp!” Apologies for bringing up such a sensitive topic again so soon, but today we’ve got to revisit that divisive piece of work — this time in the form of a music video directed by none other than Gibson himself. His moody black-and-white clip for “Say My Name” leaves the spotlight squarely on Grigorieva’s wannabe-diva vocals, which I guess could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you like that voice. I happen to find it insanely irritating. Even if you find the song more tolerable than I do, though, why did Gibson give it such a boring video? Let’s just say this slow-moving series of by-the-book performance shots is not exactly the man’s most memorable work behind the camera.

Then again, I was only able to force myself to watch this clip all the way through once, so perhaps I’m missing some subtle nuances? Check out the “Say My Name” video over at Grigorieva’s site (sadly, it’s not embeddable here). Then let us know which camp you fall into: “it had feeling” or “Haaaaalp!”?

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