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What reality TV show destroyed your parents' innocence? (AKA: Thanks, 'Bachelorette'!)

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The-bachelorette_l There are certain reality shows that are perfectly safe to discuss with your mom. You know, the American Idols or Biggest Losers of the world — series that are rife with feel-good inspiration and that rarely break the PG boundaries. Then there are shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which, at their core, are truly disgusting endeavors that magnify man and womankind’s worst qualities. Because my mom is a loving, supportive parent, she faithfully watches The Bachelorette so she knows what the hell I’m ranting about in my weekly recap. Unfortunately, this motherly devotion also meant that my mom saw the tease for next week’s episode, in which one bachelor apparently has some trouble in the bedroom. Below, her reaction:

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 07:34:08 -0400
To: Kristen Baldwin
Subject: ????????????

I finished watching Bachelorette last night.  I just don’t get why she likes Wes – a total mystery to me.  I read that there are rumors that Ed will be back – have you heard anything about that?  He seems like a really nice guy.

What really bothered me is does she actually spend the night (and have sex or try to) with some of these guys and have it on national TV????!!!!??  And the other guys, not to mention the whole world, know about it?  What do you think about that?  I’m sure her parents are appalled.  

                                   Love, Mom

In other words, my mom just figured out that the Bachelor/Bachelorette‘s patented “Fantasy Suite” date is really just a sexual test drive of several potential future mates. I feel a variety of emotions: guilt, amusement, sadness. It would help me to know that I’m not alone in having destroyed my mom’s reality TV innocence — so tell me, PopWatchers, what was it like when your parents figured out what was really happening on their (or your) favorite reality show?