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'Conan': William Shatner hits a raw nerve

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Just watched Kobe Bryant’s interview with Conan O’Brien because I like to pretend wayyyyy after the fact that I still vaguely care about basketball. But the real highlight of last night’s Tonight Show was the following segment with William Shatner, (possibly blurred) vision in seersucker. I believe The Shat is the first of Conan’s L.A. guests to require post-production pixelation of a body part. It was just his middle finger…though from the way he was gesturing at an arm’s length to signify a different digit, you might expect otherwise. Press play below to hear Shatner discuss his raw nerve, mid-piss hallucinations, and why he shouldn’t have to know how to make the Vulcan hand gesture himself.

I just love it when Conan jumps on top of his desk. That great white giant is taller than the enormous L.A. moon. It’s the only time a crazy late-night backdrop’s proportions finally make sense.

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