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Boobies: 'Proposal' trailer brings back scarring 'Sixteen Candles' memory

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Boobies_proposal Aggggh! All I can think about when Betty White fondles Sandra Bullock’s chest at the end of the trailer for The Proposal is the moment in Sixteen Candles at which Molly Ringwald gets felt up by her own grandma. This scene completely scarred me as a child. Thanks, John Hughes.

Hard to decide which elderly breast-related outburst is worse: Grandma Annie (White)’s “It’s like an Easter Egg hunt…There they are!” or Grandma Helen’s “Oh, Frank, look. She’s got her boobies.” Due to the grandfather factor and Samantha Baker’s hangup about having a flat chest anyway, not to mention the giant bow, Sixteen Candles is still more cringe-worthy. At least for me. For you? Dawg?