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Nicer film titles. Go!

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Drag-me-to-health_l Twitter exploded today. Ha! You wish. A Twitter trending topic (or “hashtag,” I guess? execute me) called “nicerfilmtitles” exploded today. Thousands of people attempted to improve, or “make nicer,” the title of a film. Slezak and I racked our brains for a good few seconds and came up with Drag Me To Health and Black Snack Moan (pictured). You can’t go wrong with a delicious apple or strong-as-chains spool of black licorice. Though now I’m thinking my more recent idea, Nachos Libre, is way better. The nachos would cost zero money.

Some of our favorite nicer movie titles from the day: Dude, There’s My Car, Sleeping in Seattle, Two Lion Kings (because why not), Diet Hard, Lady and the Homeless Dog, and Who’s Afraid of Virgin Wool?

You don’t have to follow PopWatch on Twitter to think of nicer film titles yourself. So do it.

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