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'Primal Grill' on PBS: Are you feeling the heat?

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It’s gorgeous today in New York City, so naturally I’m spending the afternoon in my apartment, plowing through my DVR backlog with the blinds shut. Who needs bird calls and whistling wind when you can listen to Heidi barfing on I’m a Celebrity? And how could the sun possibly outshine the glory that is True Life: I Hate My Large Breasts?

Anyway, I finally landed on something that just might force me out of doors — or at least onto my deck/elevated junkyard, with its broken chairs and big black grill left behind by a past tenant. You see, there’s a PBS series called Primal Grill. And it’s hosted by a nerdy looking guy with round transition-lens glasses (turns out his name is Steven Raichlen, and he’s some kind of Grillmaster General of the Southwest US). And it’s about meat. Not hot dogs or burgers, mind you. We’re talking giant slabs of muscle coated in fat, the kind of meat that looks like it’ll eat you if you don’t get it first. Steve rubs the cuts with spices, treats them real nice, and then smokes the bejeezus out of them for 12 hours at a time until he’s got a giant black slab of charred perfection.

In the immortal words of Liz Lemon: “I want to go to there.” So next weekend, if the weather holds, I’m thinking I might just venture out the back door to give it a shot — as long as I can point the TV out the window. Anybody else out there fired up for Raichlen and/or grilling this summer?