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Tearjerker Commercials: Love 'em or hate 'em?

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I’m sitting there, idly watching Paula Deen on the Food Network — hey, I like butter; don’t judge me — and this State Farm commercial comes on. Almost as soon as Michael Jackson’s angelic young voice starts belting out “I’ll Be There,” water starts leaking from my eyes. Here’s the spot:

Now, I don’t mind a well-made commercial, but the last thing I expect to do during a commercial break is try and hold back tears. I almost resent this kind of emotional sneak attack: I should get some kind of warning. Especially when it’s not Olympic season, when I know that companies from McDonalds to Home Depot will concoct ads that zero in my sports sweet spot, like this Visa spot that left me a wreck:

Does it bother you when tearjerker ads pounce on you like a beast in the night, or does the surprise, momentary release come like a warm blanket?