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Mini Doc Jensen: Matthew Fox talks Season 6! 'Lost' meets 'Top Chef'!

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Lost-jack_l Okay, the juicy news first. Matthew Fox has reportedly spilled some intel on Lost’s top secret sixth and final season. Appearing at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, the actor–whose character Jack Shephard is presumed obliterated by a hydrogen bomb called Jughead (see: the Season 5 finale)–fielded some questions about the narrative structure of next year’s episodes, and even went so far as to guess how audiences might react to it. You can read TV Guide’s summary of Fox’s comments here–and you can read my extensive analysis in my much-delayed Doc Jensen column, posting at long last on Monday.

In other Lost news, exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof will be breaking their post-season-finale radio silence on Wednesday, although probably not in the fashion you were expecting. Still, it sounds entertaining: The producers will be appearing on an episode of Top Chef Masters. Contestants will prepare a meal for Cuse and Lindelof, using only foodstuffs one might find on the Island: seafood, tropical fruit, and–ugh–boar meat. (Seriously: Check out the boar’s head in this sneak peek of the episode.) I don’t normally watch the show, but now, of course, it’s on my radar, as I have no doubt the episode will be encoded with clues and studded with oblique literary references that require my obsessive scrutiny. My guess is that it’s probably going to be pretty entertaining, too.

But as entertaining as the season finale of “Totally Lost”? Man, I would have to say it’s a toss-up. Yes, kids: It’s done. A monstrous, madcap opus, featuring the resolution of the big mystery everyone is talking about: Who shot Pig E.? (Key: “everyone” = 36 people) You’ll get Pig E.’s orientation video, plus the character introduction of the year, that international man of mystery, Ben Svetkey. Come back here Monday for the goods and the crazy. In the meantime: Who knew Al Trautwig of “Al Trautwig’s Lost Thoughts” was actually THE Al Trautwig, the famous New York-area sportscaster! I didn’t! But now that I know, I’m totally obsessed. Check out his stuff here–dude is smart!

See you next week,

Doc Jensen