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The bullseye: June 12, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris, Bradley Cooper, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar made pop culture news this week

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· It’s a tie! Neil Patrick Harris kills as host of the Tony Awards; Bradley Cooper becomes a movie star in The Hangover.
· We love you too, Mario (Lopez)!
· New iPhone 3G S has longer battery life, can turn water into wine.
· Mark-Paul Gosselaar dresses up as Zack from Saved by the Bell on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Ironically, it makes MPG relevant for the first time since 1992.
· Battlestar babe Katee Sackhoff joins 24.
· Stephen Colbert gets a buzz cut — finally better-looking than Jon Stewart?

· Recipe for Top Chef Masters: Take Top Chef, boil it till it has no flavor, add one bland host and a judge who won’t take off her hat. Force-feed to guests.
· This is how Adam Lambert and Kelly Clarkson say hello.
· Seeing Carmela (Edie Falco) finally hook up with her priest…too bad it’s on Nurse Jackie instead of The Sopranos.
· Piece of scenery at the Tonys does what many people have wanted to do to Bret Michaels for years. Hit him. Hard.
· Prince just turned 51, which makes you at least 362 years old.

· Will Ferrell: Land of the Lost bombs, but we like this guy. Always will.
· Joan Rivers and Kathy Griffin: The Mount Rushmore of plastic surgery
· We can handle the rumors of affairs and the child-labor questions, but Jon and Kate better not be hurting their dogs.
· Jon Voight hosts GOP political fund-raiser. Daughter Angelina Jolie procreates in protest.
· HawthoRNe: the worst TV-show title since Numb3rs
· Drew Barrymore: The single biggest argument for not bringing back the ’90s