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Someone's getting Will Ferrell sunscreen for Father's Day

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Ferrell_sunscreen Hi, Dad! Too bad you compulsively check this blog for posts I write. The surprise has been ruined. You’ll be receiving a Will Ferrell sunscreen 3-pack — which includes the pictured Sun Stroke, Sexy Hot Tan, and Forbidden Fruit varieties — for Father’s Day this month. In fact, Willpowered may (fingers crossed) be sponsoring my trip home for our family vacation at Lake Michigan. You know it pisses me off when you won’t wear sunscreen. So now that your sunscreen will be so freaking hilarious, we can begin a fun ritual where you’ll hold up the bottle and emit a strange sort of chuckle/cough combo in at first sincere but later feigned amusement at Will Ferrell’s near-nudity, before proceeding to actually use the product. It’ll be really uncomfortable for everyone involved, especially for any friends my sister and I have brought up. They will nudge each other. “Did you know Mr. Barrett was, like, really into Will Ferrell?” “I had no idea.” “You think we should leave?” “Let’s get drunk while floating on tubes and maybe everything weird about this trip will just melt away.” And then my mom will pull one of her trademarked “Oh, Annie” expressions and reach for the Clinique Face Cream SPF 50 with SolarSmart. Summer fun!

Would you seriously use Will Ferrell sunscreen? It’s on sale here. As Ferrell pointed out on last night’s Late With Jimmy Fallon, all proceeds benefit the Cancer For College scholarship foundation.

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