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Urkel fans visit 'Family Matters' house, blow our minds

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Pilgrimage! It’s not just for religions anymore. It’s also for fans. Behold, the amazingly devout Family Matters enthusiasts who recently visited “The Urkel House.”

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYGH_l6Pp34%5D

I am in awe. Truly. First, because even though I’ve probably seen every episode of Family Matters — TGIF 4 LIFE — I can barely remember any of the plots, (unlike for Full House, where I can rattle off specific episodes/quotes, etc.); this level of trivia knowledge is deeply impressive to me. Second, because holy crap, a group of people went to the Winslow residence and did the Urkel dance. We salute you, oh ye of dorky faith! [Via Buzzfeed]

Okay, PopWatchers: Where would you go on fan pilgrimage? Dibs on the Walsh residence from 90210.