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Recommended: Falling asleep with crazy Craig Ferguson

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I can think of few impromptu late-night TV treats better than a good old Late Night with Craig Ferguson-induced giggle fest. Really, try this. The moment you decide to shut your mental and actual computers down and scream “I’ve had it with you!” to reality, just turn on Craig’s final interview of the night. The Scotsman’s steady stream of unrelated nonsense will suck you down the rabbit hole — conveniently, my favorite place to sleep. His voice alone is a pleasant lullaby — albeit with no clear melody and oft-indecipherable lyrics. And with the right guest, the cacophony of two people truly delighting in each other’s utter insanity is not to be missed. Part 1 of Dame Edna Everage’s interview from last night is available on YouTube, but the shorter segment, embedded below, is what I caught. Maybe this hearty dose of late-night ridiculata won’t come off as gem-like as I remember, if you’re not in a sleepy 2 a.m. celebrities are so stupid lately stupor. You make the call. I thought this was just incredible.

It helped that I’d never seen a Dame Edna interview before. Let’s make CSI: Dame Edna happen! It would be so. Fetch.

P-Dubs, what falling-asleep TV do you recommend? Clearly, the trippier, the better for me….