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With which pop culture-y theme would you prefer to leave this earth?

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Star-trek-funeral_lThe Star Trek-themed caskets, urns, monuments, and vaults available at Eternal Image are super awesome. Order now, and have fun in space! You’re totally going to space. I mean look at your coffin. I really hope you’ll enjoy it in space.

Seriously, though, if we all suddenly had to choose a pop-culture-themed transportation vessel from this life to whatever’s next, what would yours be? I’ll start: Arrested Development‘s Bluth Frozen Banana Stand, a.k.a. the Big Yellow Joint. Life-size replica so I could really stretch out, plus “there’s always money” in there for my many travels. Margaret would like this PBR casket and a can of PBR, please. Bruno would like to be cremated and stored in a Flavor Flav-style clock cremation urn, so he doubles as a timepiece and isn’t just wasting space up on the mantel. Slezak refuses to play along with my silly games and wants nothing more than “to be cremated and spread on the racetrack.” So I will just go ahead and decide that this “racetrack” will be the animated landscape of the chalk drawing in Mary Poppins.

Mandi, being Mandi, wrote all this: “Oh, you know. I might have a standard-looking casket on the outside, but then on the inside, have the material silk-screened to look like the “Recorded List” from my DVR. So it would just be the names of my favorite shows of all-time, and the original airdates of my favorite episodes. And like, where the Star Trek symbol is, they could build a holder for my last remote.”

She wins. With which pop culture-y theme would you prefer to leave this earth, P-Dubs?