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'Jon & Kate Plus Eight': A (gasp) happy episode! Their 100th!

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If this week’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight didn’t quite begin cheerily — Kate sat alone on the two-seater sofa and announced to the camera, “At this point, whoever ends up on the sofa does the interview… it’s called rolling with life” — the rest of the half-hour was downright heart-warming. Most of the time.

The special guest for the show’s 100th episode was Emeril Lagasse, and BAM!, put this guy between Jon and Kate in the kitchen and for the first time in this fraught new season, the still- (if barely) married couple actually cracked a few jokes toward each other. Emeril was his usual peppy self, bustling around with the eight kids, having them snap green beans to make a casserole. When the chef asked Jon to turn on the oven, Kate chortled, “Jon, do you know where the oven is?” To which Jon replied, “Oh, yeah. I’m the master of re-heating.” Hey, it wasn’t Noel Coward, but it wasn’t Neil LaBute, either, so for that we were grateful. 

There was a lot of good footage of the kids this week. Most of them called their guest “Em-roo,” and clearly loved the affable chef. Later, a few of the tykes went outside and played cooking in the back yard: “These are broccoli rocks!” they exclaimed, picking up pebbles. 

Kate loved the task Emeril came up with for Jon: peeling garlic… for about four hours, she said with sadistic delight. (That’ll teach him to go tell his side of the story to People magazine, eh?) 

By the end, they were all congratulating themselves for reaching a hundred episodes. “I don’t know how ya made it!” said Emeril enthusiastically.

“I don’t know either,” said Kate ominously.

Well, I said it was a mostly happy episode….

Did you watch? Do you agree this was one of the perkier Jon & Kates so far this season?