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Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette': Episode 4

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Harrison I’d like to start off by apologizing, I know the comments section of this blog was a mess last week (hence the quadruple posts). I’m told by the EW geek squad that it’s been taken care of. If not, next week I will be mailing each of you a personal hard copy of this blog…although, then it would just be a letter and not a blog.

It seems we have a consensus on Wes and his magical guitar. To have a man play guitar and sing to you is cool. The way Wes is doing it…not so much. DaynaJ may have had the best idea this week: “Dave beats up Juan with Wes’ guitar.” Damn, why couldn’t our producers have come up with that gem? Many of you have asked how Jillian pins the roses on the guys so easily. First, our fantastic art department puts these killer vampire clips on the back of the roses. It makes it pretty easy for Jilli to just slide them on the guys. We do practice several times before the first rose ceremony that first night, just to make sure she’s got it down.

Let me dive into this week’s episode by saying, in my mind, this seasonreally starts now. As you could probably tell, the goofy fun and gamesare over and things have now taken a very serious turn. From here onout this is a fantastic roller coaster ride that I really can’t comparewith any other season we’ve had. The guys were extremely relieved to betold they would be leaving the bunk house and never returning. This isthe first season ever where three weeks in we’ve left our main houseand never returned again. We do have one more rose ceremony in LosAngeles later on but it’s not at this house. Personally, I loved thetravel and felt like it really fit for this season. Jillian loved beingback home in Vancouver. It gave her a little more confidence and anextra spring in her step being on her home turf. Jilli had a thing forKiptyn since the moment he stepped out of the limo. She told me howgorgeous she thought he was on night one. Their one-on-one date inVancouver couldn’t have gone better in her eyes.

I’m going to answer next week’s question now. No, that wasn’t Jillian’s actual loft. She does live just down the street and they are very similar, but for privacy purposes we had to use a different loft. Jillian wanted you to know that she really did make her homemade pasta sauce and salad dressing. She did it all in 45 minutes and she claims it was really good. You could tell she loved this date and was as giddy as a school girl. Did you notice the little happy dance she did right after she closed the door? Classic Jillian. Then came the “Olympic” group date with 50 guys. I know you’re waiting for me to say something smart about the sport of curling but the truth is ( I know I shouldn’t be admitting this) every four years I find myself entranced by this damn sport during the Olympics. Yeah, I said it. I like frozen shuffle board. It’s hypnotic.

Let me just say that I sympathize with Jake. I too know what it’s like to have to defend yourself for being too perfect. For those of us on this planet who have never done wrong and are always right and are just down right 100% perfect all the time, life can be hard. Seriously, Jillian told me she does like Jake. He’s a great guy but when somebody always says just the right thing at the right time you have to wonder if that’s sincere. That’s her battle right now with Jake: Is this guy for real?

Okay, I put this off as long as I could in this blog. Let’s discuss Dave. I don’t think I even need to ask for your comments on this guy this week. I’m pretty sure I’ll get an earful. I agree with Jillian. This guy was way out of bounds in the way he treated her on this date. He was incredibly disrespectful and beyond inappropriate. This is just another reason why this show is so “amazing.” I’m guessing all of you ladies out there have dated “this” guy before and had to deal with it. I hope you all were able to keep your dinner down while you were watching this. Jillian handled herself well and took the high road. And in the end she did the best thing she could do…show him the door. I can’t wait to talk to this guy at the “Men Tell All” reunion special!

The two-on-one date with Mark and Mike may have surprised you a bit but let me explain why Jillian sent Mike home and gave the rose to Mark. Mike was very eloquent and said all the right things but ultimately at the end of the night Jillian didn’t know him any better (kind of like Jake). He spent the night selling himself instead of making a connection. Mark on the other hand spent his time telling Jillian revealing stories about his past and really connected with her on a much deeper level. She knows people will think she’s crazy for letting a guy like Mike go but she felt a much deeper connection with Mark, so he got the rose.

The cocktail party started out great in theory. We had one of the top floors of the Fairmont hotel in downtown Vancouver all to ourselves and Jillian had brought in her cousin Tori to meet and help judge the guys. Because of how things turned out that night you never got to see Tori. Jillian was already stressed over letting Mike go and showed up this night really looking for the guys to cheer her up and relieve the stress. Then all hell broke loose, or in her words, everything turned into a “Gong Show.” One by one, guys started telling Jillian that certain men weren’t here for the right reasons, and that some might even have girlfriends back home. Then came Tanner P.’s discussion…the straw that broke Jillian’s back. After his words Jillian called off the cocktail party and by the time I found her in the deliberation room her head was spinning and she was pretty upset. This is where I have to admit it’s different for me to host The Bachelorette than The Bachelor. I went into that rose ceremony a little pissed off and wanted to get to the bottom of this for Jillian. I felt so bad for Tanner P. during this confrontation. Even though some won’t feel sorry for him since he stirred all this up, I really thought he was going to pass out. He was sweating and didn’t take a breath the entire time. Jillian got a little annoyed with the guys because instead of worrying about who might have a girlfriend, all the guys cared about was who said what. This confrontation went on for a while and there were a lot of awkward silences. Emotions were running pretty high. In the end, Jillian really didn’t get any answers and sent Dave and Juan home. As you can probably guess this isn’t over and Jillian is now very skeptical of several guys heading into next week’s episode which takes place just a couple hours away from Vancouver in Whistler.

One of the biggest surprises we encountered this season takes place next week and it leads to one of the most emotional episodes we’ve ever had. Wow, how ’bout that for a tease! Now, if you’ll excuse me, curling is on the ocho!

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