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'Up': Let's hear it for the dogs!

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Update: The dogs in Up have made me “kind of like” dogs. This is huge! Dogs typically freak me out, especially mean dogs and particularly mean animated dogs. I was probably okay with the Up dogs because, thanks to implants that allowed their thoughts to be translated into English, they behaved a bit more like robots than like dogs. Press play below. “I have just met you, and I love you!” Exactly. SQUIRREL!

Now I can’t decide: Would I rather have a dog who speaks like a robot, or a speaking robot who bears the general shape of a dog but is composed of metal? Robot dog or dog robot? I think robot dog! Progress, people. One day, I will not be afraid of dogs. I just have to go see more Disney movies. In 3-D.

Side note: Yay or nay on 3-D glasses during movies that make you cry? On the one hand: You look tough and impenetrable even if you’re a simpering mess. On the other: Foggy, possibly misty, nasty-ass glasses that you have to clean, mid-scene, while still crying. Discuss.