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'The International Sexy Ladies Show': Proud to be an American (sort of)

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Obviously, I am not the target audience for G4’s new T&A series, The International Sexy Ladies Show, but I am, apparently, the only one at EW with a great enough appreciation for the craptacular to volunteer to watch last night’s premiere.

The show — which plays like a cross between Pants-Off Dance-Off, MXC, and Best Week Ever — features clips from ridiculously exploitative foreign TV shows and DVDs, accompanied by voiceover commentary from an announcer (“When it comes to gun control, Veronica believes in the right to bare arms, and bare legs, and bare ass”) and pop-up punchlines from comics such as Doug Benson, Sherrod Small, and Jo Koy. It’s a funny concept that just needs some fine-tuning: I say lose the clips that are predictable in their stupidity (e.g. Czech Republic’s Actiongirls series, featuring the gun-licking Veronica, and Russia’s Catfighting DVD) and focus on the uniquely insane (e.g. The Netherlands’ Bowling Ball Toe Trap, a DVD in which a scantilly-clad woman literally sticks her big toe in a bowling bowl, gets it stuck, cries about it, then climbs into bed with it still attached to her foot and pretends to sleep; the Italian game show Sexy Carwash, in which two men drive their cars into the TV studio and answer general knowledge questions with the hope of being crowned the winner, who gets soaped down by hot babes along with his car).

Also, I wouldn’t feel pressured to use a comic’s quip for every clip. I’d rather just hear the announcer than someone bombing. I do like that the show will feature one homegrown clip a week, presumably so we don’t feel a false superiority to the rest of the world. Below, last night’s NSFW snippet from the goo film Sweet and Sticky.

If you caught The International Sexy Ladies Show, or if you’re just somehow still reading this item, do you agree that the clips need to be more absurd than sexy? Or is that just the talk of a straight woman?