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Bing TV ad: When was 'The Breakfast Club' released? Really? AN UPDATE

Posted on

You’ve heard of Microsoft’s new search engine — ‘scuse me, “decision engine” — called Bing? Maybe you’ve seen this cute TV ad? Watch and listen for the Breakfast Club reference:

Um, just one thing: The Breakfast Club was released in 1985, not 1986. Uh-oh: my decision engine (it’s what I call my brain) tells me Bing needs a fact-checker…

UPDATE: After posting this, I noticed a few internet scribblings saying Microsoft might re-edit the ad with the correct Breakfast Club date, and sure enough, last night during Pushing Daisies, the commercial above aired with the woman now saying “1985.” 

Ah-hah! Not to be churlish to those comment-leavers below who said I didn’t get the point of the ad and that the error was intentional, but — well, let’s just be charitable to all and say that we should assume Microsoft figured, if the ad was confusing, better to put in the correct release-date.