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Joel McHale's top five reality TV moments

The host of E!’s ”The Soup” shares his fondest reality memories

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As host of E!’s The Soup, comedian Joel McHale practically holds a Ph.D. in reality TV. Here are the five moments that’d top his syllabus.

1. Being Bobby Brown: Whitney Houston Screams ”Kiss My Ass!”
”They’re both, let’s just say, altered. It’s amazing. We used the clip on The Soup for an entire year.”

2. Flavor Of Love: Somethin’ Poops On The Stairs
”I think it’s the first time in television history that someone pooped on the stairs. It obviously made for compelling TV. Not good TV, but compelling TV. The beautiful simplicity of pooing on the stairs, yeah!”

3. American Idol: Sanjaya
”Whether it was the hair or the singing, he was just a phenomenon. I will never see the likes of Sanjaya again.”

4. It’s Me Or The Dog: Stains The Dog Tortured By Cupcakes
”It was provocative. They’ve trained this dog not to eat cupcakes, they put this whole plate of them in front of the dog’s face, and the dog literally looks like he’s reacting to torture. It’s the first time we’ve had a dog as Entertainer of the Year on The Soup — other than Danny Bonaduce.”

5. Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Kate Berates Jon For Interrupting Her
”She goes into a long monologue, and the inner monologue from him is clearly much stronger.”