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Would you pay for Hulu?

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According to Daily Finance, News Corp.’s new chief digital officer Jonathan Miller envisions a future in which at least some of the TV and movies at Hulu will be available only to subscribers. Say what?! He said this: “I don’t see why over time that shouldn’t happen.” For PopWatch’s official two-second reaction to this, press play below.

I like Hulu precisely because it’s free, though I can see how some people might at some point agree to a minimal monthly or one-time subscription fee, provided it got rid of the annoying ads. (I do not want to attend the University of Phoenix and you can’t make me!) But if Hulu really did start to charge, EW.com would presumably have to stop embedding Hulu’s content in our blogs. Is that what you want, Hulu? Is it? Actually, it’s probably what our international readers want. We know some of you can’t view Hulu on PopWatch, so we try to embed from the networks or YouTube whenever we can. So if you’re Canadian, just ignore that useless rectangle above. It’s nothing.

Is Hulu’s freeness its main appeal, P-Dubs? If you suddenly had to pay for it, would you be more likely to find/download what you want somewhere else?