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MGMT finally release video for 'Kids': Monsters and toddlers and animated hot dogs, oh my!

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File this under the “six months too late” category: Psych-synth outfit MGMT have finally released a video for their jaunty jam “Kids” off 2008’s solid Oracular Spectacular. Strangely, the official video only looks slightly more professional than the year-and-a-half old fan video (over 15 million YouTube views and counting), which starred a guy and a girl drenched in black-and-white face paint done up to resemble tigers, or giraffes, or whathaveyou. The fan video was a little strange taken on its own, but it doesn’t even begin to compare with the new MGMT-approved video.

In the official clip, the poor, helpless, sure-to-be-traumatized-for-the-rest-of-his-life toddler of guest star Joanna Newsom is terrorized by a myriad of legitimately scary monsters: gigantic roaches, blood-colored zombies, and what look to be mutant castoffs from Zoobilee Zoo, to name a few. There’s even a trippy animated interlude toward the end that needs to be seen to be believed. The glam-tastic band themselves don’t show up until three minutes in, which is probably a good thing since they all seem to be (unfortunately) swathed in aluminum foil. MGMT claim on their website no children were harmed making the video, but I’m not so sure. Either that kid’s tears were real, or we have the year’s first serious contender for Best Performance by a Baby in a Music Video. Regardless, the song still rocks to the nth degree, does it not? Which video do you prefer, Mixers: The fan-made face paint one (after the jump), or the official Monsters, Inc. on acid version (below)?

“Kids” (Official Video):

“Kids” (Fan-Made Video):

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