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The art of dying (on screen) -- Who's mastered it?

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Titanic-jacks-death_l Television actor Mike Doyle has been shot with a shotgun, blown up in a boat, burned in a submarine fire, electrocuted on a fence after being gang-raped, strangled, and most recently, stabbed. This last demise, after more than 50 appearances on Law & Order: SVU, was his seventh on-screen death, as the NY Times points out. (That leaves him only 19,993 behind Seizo Fukumoto, the 66 year-old Japanese actor who claims to have been killed 20,000 times on screen. Dude gives “Get busy living or get busy dying” a whole new meaning.)

But as ruthless dictator and noted Tarzan fan Josef Stalin once said, “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” I think he was referring to something else, but is there anything more moving than a good on-screen death? Take, for instance, Kevin Spacey, who provided two of the most memorable last gasps, in L.A. Confidential and American Beauty. Leonardo DiCaprio absolutely loves to die (Romeo + Juliet, Titanic (pictured), The Departed, et al), but has any actor ever captured those last fleeting moments of life as artfully as Andy Serkis and the animators who made King Kong?

Are there certain death scenes that took your own breath away, PopWatchers? And which actors and actresses seem to have mastered the art of dying?