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'Law & Order: SVU' season finale: Death, Stuckey, and Emily Gilmore

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So what did you think of last night’s Law & Order: SVU season finale?

(Um, spoiler alert.)

I have to say, given how calm and rational every minor recurring character is on the Law & Order franchise, it didn’t surprise me that the jittery, annoying-to-Elliot-and-Olivia crime-tech Stuckey (Noel Fisher) turned out to be a killer. And I guess there are fans who’ll mourn the murder-death of forensics guy Ryan O’Halloran (Mike Doyle), but I found both of these plot turns very welcome, because they added a fresh element of uncertainty to a show that can be predictable. (There’s a nice piece about the many TV deaths of Mike Doyle in today’s New York Times.)

Most welcome of all was Kelly Bishop’s return as an imperious defense lawyer. This is an actress who knows from imperious, as her storied run as Emily Gilmore on Gilmore Girls proved.

I also recommend you watch tonight’s season finale of the oldest warhorse in this stable, Law & Order. It’s a dandy episode, a culmination of the political subplot involving Sam Waterston’s jack McCoy. It, too, has a few surprises up its sleeve. Both Waterston and Linus Roache have been especially good at getting under each other’s skins throughout this season.

Did you watch Law & Order: SVU last night? What did you think? Will you be watching Law & Order tonight?