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It's 2009: Do you know where your children are?

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From some other site, via Jezebel:

“Noah Lindsey Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves, with Emily’s dog Bunny, pose for the cameras at Brittany Curran’s Retro 50’s Poolside Bash on Saturday, May 30 in Burbank sporting Juicy Couture vintage bathing suits. The two friends filmed an episode of their Noei and Ems Show at the party. So pretty!”

They are pretty. (And yes, that Cyrus.) But okay, no, seriously? For the love of JonBenet Ramsey, would someone please make Girl Power trendy again? When will Sarah McLachlan let the dogs fend for themselves and worry about the children instead? Do we need to put Ani DiFranco in a Lady Gaga costume? I’ve never been one for feminism as a trend or branding tool but if it can arrest this particular fall — and by “fall” I mean “WHY ARE THOSE NINE-YEAR-OLD GIRLS POSING IN SWIMSUITS ON A RED CARPET” — let’s crank out some bumper stickers and dreadlock some hair! I went to the doctor…I went to the mountains…I looked to the children…I drank from the — sing it if you know it! Wait, does anyone still know it?

Argh. I’ve got my own theories, but you tell me, PopWatchers: How did we get here…and how can we get back? The No Doubt reunion (and the return of Stefani’s tough-chick tank tops) seems like a good start. The revival of Lilith Fair has potential. Honestly, I’d even accept some Spice Girls up in here. Because LADIES. SELF RESPECT. EVEN NINE YEAR OLDS NEED SELF RESPECT.

What do you think? Is the picture above a sign of the apocalypse…or THE apocalypse?

addCredit(“Michael Bezjian/WireImage.com”)