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Happy 'Go Barefoot Day,' which PopWatch disrespectfully declines to celebrate

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Adamlambert_lAdam Lambert must have timed his pretty pedicure perfectly with Joss Stone’s favorite holiday, National Go Barefoot Day. We didn’t tell you before 5:26 p.m. because it has nothing to do with entertainment. NOT TO MENTION, but I’m about to anyway: The PopWatch staff exhibits a fairly low tolerance of feet in general. I personally can’t handle the thought of bare feet in any public situation. Particularly my gross feet. I’ll go barefoot on the beach and that’s it. They’ll be burrowing into the sand with extreme and I’m sure somewhat off-putting force the entire time.

Hey, let’s hear from some other P-Dubs about bare feet!

Margaret Lyons: “I really, really hate other people’s feet. A lot of people wear sandals on the subway in summer, oh lord. I am vehemently against mandals anywhere that’s not a literal beach.”

Michael Slezak: “I am fine with other people doing  what they want with their feet, but I will not wear a sandal of any kind ever, except for in the shower at the gym. (Which opens a whole  different bag of psychological issues.) [Editor’s note: What else will you only do in the shower at the gym, you psycho? –AB] I don’t like anything to touch my feet…urban “liquids,” sand, other people. I just have serious issues, which is why I really don’t care to go to the beach. Ever.”

Mandi Bierly: “I’m okay with men wearing flip flops but not mandals.”

Mike Bruno: “I have mandals for the beach, though I confess I’ll wear them for a run to the grocery store too. Cuz I don’t give a f—.”

I think Bruno may have won this non-debate, for now. He wears mandals to the grocery store. That’s so awful that’s it’s just a little bit fabulous.

Let’s settle this, although we totally won’t. Please tell us your thoughts on bare feet. Yes! We’re serious!