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Will Ferrell: No urine drinking on 'Man vs. Wild' -- but 'I did eat the cornea of a reindeer'

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The countdown for Discovery’s very special June 2 episode of Man vs. Wild with Will Ferrell has officially begun. In the new issue of EW, Ferrell tells senior writer Josh Rottenberg that when the idea of promoting his June 5 adventure film Land of the Lost by trekking through the frozen wilderness of northern Sweden with host Bear Grylls was pitched to him he couldn’t stop laughing. “I was like, ‘Oh, that might be awful, but I have to do it.'” In the preview embedded below, you see that Ferrell did make yellow snow — “I think I’ve lost my penis,” he jokes on-camera, “Out here…it’s just me and Bear Grylls…in the wild…urinating together” — but he assures EW that he did not drink his own urine, as has been previously reported. “I did eat the cornea of a reindeer, though,” he told us. “Bear cut out this little gelantinous disc from the eyeball and was like, ‘Here, try this.'” And how did it taste? “It was like a Certs breath mint, without any of the delicious properties.”

Does this look like the best Man vs. Wild ever? If not, which episode holds the title?