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What 'grown-up' songs do your kids love?

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Musickids_lMy brother’s youngest son, Magnus, who is like a towheaded four-year-old version of Owen Meany (read: adorable and precocious and unintentionally hilarious), marched into the kitchen the other day, unannounced, to declare his top three songs of all time to my brother:

  1. “Vertigo” by U2
  2. “Oh L’amour” by Erasure
  3. The “I married my dream girl” song from the FreeCreditReport.com commercial

He also requested my brother ask me to bring some salami over to their house. But I digress…. Who knows where a kid hears a tune by a British synth-pop duo that came out nearly two decades before he was born — let alone why he likes it? Certainly not me, nor my brother.

But, more importantly, what songs do your kids love? And are they more random than Magnus’ favorite jams?

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