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Sam Raimi's horror flicks

Sam Raimi’s horror flicks — We take a look at the director’s past hits including ”The Evil Dead,” ”Darkman,” and ”Army of Darkness”

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Sam Raimi’s horror flicks

Sam Raimi returns to horror with ‘Drag Me to Hell’ after three ‘Spider-Man’ flicks. A look at his résumé.

The Evil Dead (1983)
”Bruce [Campbell] is right to complain about his treatment on that set. Sometimes I’d hurt him with a two-by-four for the good of the audience.”

Evil Dead II (1987)
”With the second Evil Dead, we thought that we should change it up, so we went a little bit more in the comedic direction. We were really just trying to get our formula right.”

Darkman (1990)
”I learned a great actor can take something that’s written a little bit thin and really make it work on screen. I couldn’t believe how much Liam Neeson elevated the material.”

Army of Darkness (1992)
”We almost abandoned the horror film and made more of a comedy swords-and-sorcery adventure. It was our desire to try something different.”

The Gift (2000)
Cate Blanchett plays a woman with extra-sensory perception. ”Billy Bob Thornton wrote this script based on [events] he believed actually happened with his mother.”