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New study suggests nerds like the Internet

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A new study from Neilsen attempts to categorize “broadband-media consumers” by how much TV they watch on actual televisions, how much they watch online, and how much they watch on something else. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the study wound up with eight categories of viewers, sorted by age, income, gender, and viewing habits.

Apparently, I fall in the “extreme techie” category, because that includes people who watch, on average, 91 minutes of streaming video a week. I watched more than 91 minute of streaming video…yesterday. X-treme! Guh, now I just feel like a freakshow. My fellow ETs — I don’t think that’s a coincidence — and I own, on average, four cross-platform devices that we use to view TV, which is what got me thinking [about something other than what a nerd I am]: Are there shows I’d rather watch not on a TV? Indeed.

Obviously, there are vodcast-only shows I like to fire up, but when I watch, oh, Countdown with Keith Olberman, I just prefer it  on my iPod — actually sitting down and watching his show on TV feels like overstating its significance in my life. On the subway, though, sure. I’m unlikely to watch old episodes of American Gothic on my living room TV, even though I totally have the DVDs, but I do watch it on Hulu now and then.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are there other “extreme techies” out there who like to watch their shows on something other than the traditional TV?