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Jon Minus Kate Plus $5 = ?

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Jongosselin_lAnother day, another few rounds of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 media circus. Amidst ominous headlines like “Jon and Kate Gosselin face dark side of reality” and “We’re Navigating a Difficult Time” came Us magazine’s slightly more ridiculous cover story tidbit about how Kate apparently used to give Jon a $5 daily allowance. Yeah right! But we’ll play along….

What could Jon Gosselin buy with five dollars?
–Few more seconds of screen time
–A clue from a man on the street
Chauffeur’s cap (after three days)
Five Dolluh Foot-Long
–Laminated “Mommy” nametag for Kate so the kids can better distinguish between her and the babysitter
–Laminated card that says “My dignity” so he could play pretend. Maybe with his kids?
–Oh god. There are eight kids. These poor kids. Oh no. What are we doing???

Owwww. My (albeit rapidly deteriorating) conscience hurts right now. Every time I read or write something about this show, there’s an inevitable flick of the switch from bemused intrigue to all-out horror. I know, I know, these people have “asked for it” by going on TV…but still. It’s not about the family dynamics anymore. We’re basically watching the play-by-play of an impending divorce. The horror’s rushing in sooner as of late. Are you there yet, PopWatchers? Putting the season premiere’s record-shattering 9.8 million viewers aside…has Jon & Kate doom begun to settle in?

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