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Henry Cavill is like a dreamier Robby Benson: Discuss.

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Cavillbenson_l Is there someone who reminds you of someone, and you’re pretty sure you’re the only person who’s ever seen it, but you’d like to know for certain so that you can loathe yourself properly? This is your post. List your random (but heartfelt) “look-alikes” in the comments section. If you agree with any you see, be sure to let your fellow PopWatcher know that he or she is not alone. I’ll go first…

So I took a break from SOAPnet’s 10-episode “Donnarama” Bevery Hills, 90210 marathon yesterday — I couldn’t sit through Val’s date rape trial with everyone saying she’d been “roofed” instead of “roofied” — and started watching episodes of The Tudors on YouTube. Of course, by watching, I mean fast-forwarding to see Henry Cavill’s sex scenes as Charles Brandon. I realized that Cavill (pictured, left) reminds me of a superhot Robby Benson. It’s the eyes. They’re not the same color, but they’ve got a similar depth and softness and intoxicating stillness. (Note: I just slapped myself for you.) Anyone see it? And just to be clear, I am a Robby Benson fan so this is flattering.

Your turn.