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'Don't Forget the Lyrics' premieres ... and summer TV is officially upon us. Yay?

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http://ewpopwatch.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/forget-lyrics_l.jpgLast night I spent an entire hour watching Meat Loaf and his daughter half-sing songs such as “Shout, Part 1” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (and debating the intricacies of lines like, “My father yells, ‘what you gonna do with your life?'”). It was the Don’t Forget the Lyrics season premiere, kicking things off with a big “celebrity edition.” Yes, folks, summer is clearly here. And while this exercise in throwaway primetime network television watching will feel perfectly normal in, say, mid-July, it was a jarring downshift for me coming off the past two weeks, when nary a weekday would go by without a two-hour Season Finale of Mind-blowing Proportions. The Lost time bomb. George’s surprise maybe-death and Izzie’s non-surprise maybe-death on Grey’s Anatomy. That whole Kris Allen thing.

Honestly, it felt good. I think I dozed off for 15 minutes or so on my sofa and had no compulsion to rewind and see what I missed. And as far as game shows go, Lyrics blows everything else away for me — I live for karaoke, too much of my brain space contains the words to totally irrelevant songs, and I believe there is no finer use for Wayne Brady than hosting this thing. But clearly this Friday night viewing constituted a markedly different viewing experience than trying to figure out the time-travel theory behind Lost.

My question: What else are you guys looking forward to brainlessly watching this summer? Oxygen’s Tori & Dean? ABC’s Wipeout? My favorite, TLC’s What Not to Wear? NBC’s I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!? Another season of MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF? (How must that make the old one feel?)