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'Twilight,' anteaters, and teaching your cat to yodel: This week in viral video

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Another week, another crop of videos, just daring us to forward them to our pals.

First up,Twilight‘s Cam Gigandet takes on a pack of rabid tween girls:

Ooooh, there’s more: Cats! Anteaters! The Hills!

Next on the list, via Videogum, is a baby anteater, sent here from heaven to make your ovaries explode with his/her cuteness:

Speaking of cute, everyone’s favorite elementary school chorus, PS 22 from Staten Island, NY, released another video this week, this time absolutely killing “Landslide.” Please, someone, make a documentary about music teacher Gregg Breinberg already.

Okay, I can’t take any more adorableness. On to the profanity! This Hills spoof, from the creator of the superbest Real Housewives clip yesterday, is similarly excellent. It contains some salty language, though, so it’s not for prudes/lameos.

Finally, this isn’t super new, but I found out yesterday that other folks here at PWHQ had never seen the guide to cat yodeling, and it broke my damn heart. Time to rectify that:

What was your favorite video this week?