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'Night at the Museum 2': Okay, fine, I'm going to see it...what's wrong with me?!

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Battleofthesmithsonian_lAgainst my better judgment, I think I might actually fork over the $12.50 to see Night at Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. The first one was so bland, I actually don’t remember much of it. And I am in no way a fan of Ben Stiller. Finally, I laughed just one time in the trailer, at Bill Hader’s “Sac-a-ja-me-ha” line. So, why exactly am I curious about the sequel? What’s wrong with me?!

I think my curiosity lies in two individuals, specifically. There’s Amy Adams, whom Owen Gleiberman says steals the film. She’s pretty much the most lovable actress in the movies these days. The second person: Hank Azaria, who plays the villainous pharaoh Kahmunrah. Everyone knows Azaria is as great at accents as Stiller is at playing the same role in every movie. (Uh-oh. My anti-Ben tendencies are showing again.) I’m curious to hear his take on what he says is an impersonation of Boris Karloff. It sounds hilarious. Even so, the movie seems like harmless fun and perfect for a lazy matinee endeavor. So I’m in.

What movie(s) are you planning on seeing this holiday weekend, PopWatchers? (Terminator Salvation?) Anyone else share my interest in Night at the Museum 2? And are there any movies you paid to see when you knew in the back of your mind they were probably going to totally blow? I’ll get the party started: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Poor life choice.

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