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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on Adam Lambert, Taylor Kitsch, and more

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Feedback from our readers

‘Idol’ Chatter
My 14-year-old nearly attacked our mailman to get her hands on the Adam Lambert issue (”Yep, He’s…Adam Lambert”). While I don’t condone assaulting a federal employee, I can’t say I blame her. We used to be casual viewers of American Idol. Now we watch every Tuesday. Should we worry about Adam Lambert’s sexual preferences? No. What we should worry about is the release date of his first album.
Nellie Sanginari
Albuquerque, N.M.

I am a cynical music snob who never in a million years thought I would make a point of watching American Idol every week. Yet, for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to Tuesday nights. He is what so many of us, tired of spoon-fed brainless pop, were waiting for.
Karen Ellis
San Diego

Of course Adam’s not going to come out if he’s gay. With all the discrimination out there against the LGBT community, I wouldn’t come out if I were him either. Adam is relying on these same people to vote for him — it probably wouldn’t be wise to be ”out, loud, and proud” now. And while it’s true that one way to end discrimination is to live life openly, it should be his choice as to the timing of an announcement should it ever come.
Donn McKnight

Writer Mark Harris responds: Deciding not to come out because it might make you less popular among homophobes is allowing the haters to set the rules, isn’t it? Yes, revealing you’re gay might cost you something you want — and if Adam faced that dilemma, I’m sympathetic. But problems like this don’t change unless we talk about them, including on magazine covers.

I’m an Idol fan, so I read Mark Harris’ article mainly for entertainment value. But I found a journalist who posed smart questions and encouraged us to look at how we feel about gay performers. It was a pleasant surprise to have an entertainment magazine take a serious look at an important cultural issue.
Paige Miller
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

‘Passion’ Project
Because I’m not Roman Catholic, I don’t understand the whole Angels & Demons controversy, though I may have taken more offense at The Da Vinci Code (”Movies, Money & God”). What Hollywood doesn’t understand is that the Christian life (or at least what drives Christians to it) can only be understood when it is experienced. Mel Gibson may have once bubbled over with anti-Semitism, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that, for most Christians, the story of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ is a worldview-shaping narrative — the greatest story ever told.
Rhyne Putman
New Orleans

Young at Heart This great-grandmother thinks Taylor Kitsch (”Wolverine’s Secret Weapon”) is the hottest thing since Krakatoa!
Susan Chapman
Clermont, Fla.

Nielsen SoundScan, which compiles sales data for Billboard, reprocessed its album chart on Wednesday, May 6, after EW had gone to print. The revised chart had Tech N9ne’s Sickology 101 album debuting at No. 19.

EW.COM ‘Bachelorette’ Mania
The rose ceremonies will be shocking; the men, silly. EW.com will be bringing you all the highlights from this season’s Bachelorette, with Jillian Harris. Every Tuesday morning you’ll find recaps and commentary from Bachelorette host Chris Harrison and EW’s Kristen Baldwin — as well as a new episode of The Doll Bachelorette, EW.com’s wacky doll-centric Web series.