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'Friday Night Lights' on DVD scores our Must List pick this week: What's yours?

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Fnlseason3_lWith most of our beloved television shows wrapping up their respective seasons, our attention can now turn to the summer TV drought that is looming. (At least until Big Brother premieres. And yes, I’m dead serious about that. Love that show.) My plan? I’m going to dedicate a fair amount of time this summer to catch up on shows I have missed. And not just shows I have missed one or two or twelve episodes of, either. I’m going to start waaaaay at the beginning.

First on my hit list: Fringe. With Lost entering its final season (and it’s apparent replacement Flash Forward not due until fall), I need to look elsewhere for a sci-fi fix, preferably one that’s created by J.J. Abrams. Next: Chuck. I was slightly bemused by all the fan hoopla (and Subway tie-ins) to save the show from cancellation, and now that it is saved, I think it’s time to give it a shot. I watched the pilot back in the day, and enjoyed it, so I’m not sure why I haven’t kept up.

Finally, the Must List pick of this week: Friday Night Lights. The third season of NBC’s high school football drama hit DVD yesterday, which means I’ll be able to Netflix every season thus far and devour them in the span of one thoroughly unhealthy week or two. Why would I make a show I’ve never seen before my Must List pick, you ask? Because I already know it’s good. People I know who don’t even particularly like or watch much TV swear by it. I know once I watch, I’ll love it. Thus, the Must List pick.

Enough about me. I’m much more interested in YOU. What’s on your Must List this week? The new Denis Johnson novel? The Sherlock Holmes trailer? Jillian, the lovable Canuck on The Bachelorette? Speak up! Watch Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw spar on the most recent Must List Live, then list your top three Must List picks in the comments below. Include your e-mail address, just in case we decide to use your submission in the magazine. The deadline is Thursday, May 14 at noon ET. Ready. Set. Go.

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