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Goodbye 'Privileged,' hello sadness

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Remember that wonderful, happy feeling that surged through your pop culture-loving brain when Fox said that it was renewing Arrested Development for a third season? And when 30 Rock rebounded from a poorly rated freshman year to win an Emmy in season 2? Well, after days of crossing my fingers, hoping that I’d be able to whip out a Bluth Banana Stand banana (or, more appropriately, some french toast à la Marco) in celebration of a Privileged season renewal, the CW decided to drop a bomb on me: My beloved program would be canceled after all. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go cry in my Manolo-filled closet — if I had one — after hearing about the fate of the poor, underappreciated Privileged.

How could you cancel the plucky Privileged, CW? How many other programs can offer such a vast amount of cool clothes, good-looking boys, with a Freaks and Geeks alum to boot? (Memo to Hollywood: Give Joanna Garcia a job, stat!) What more could anyone possibly want? Sure, it might not have boasted the high-octane drama of 90210 or booze-swilling, ascot-wearing, mannish children of Gossip Girl, but it certainly was more genuine than any teen-centric drama on the network. So farewell, Privileged. You will be missed within EW’s offices. The world will be just a little sadder without Megan’s quirky wit, Rose and Sage’s endearing sisterhood, and Charlie’s heart-breakingly sweet longing.

Will you miss Privileged as much as I will, PopWatchers? And are you, like me, hoping that they’ll air at least one final show to wrap up all its dangling plotlines (like the fate of Megan and Will’s relationship — watch their oh-so-cute first kiss below)? Please, CW?