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'Star Trek' for beginners: What to watch if you're suddenly smitten

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Startrek_dlSo, you’re a Star Trek newbie who loved the movie — because, really, what’s not to love: Space battles, temporal shenanigans, hawt Spock-on-Uhura action — and you’d like to dip your piggies into the vast ocean that is the final frontier. Where should you start? Here are five voyages featuring Captain Kirk and the Get Fresh Crew that should prime your dilithium chambers for more:

5. “Amok Time”
You liked seeing the emotions in Spock boiling to the surface? Well, in this episode, Spock has to get his breed on — and the passion is driving him mad. Road trip to Vulcan (not destroyed in the original time line) so Kirk can get his pal what he needs…a battle to the death.

4. “Mirror Mirror”
In which everything is the opposite. The Enterprise is a barbaric ship that runs on deceit and murder, Uhura’s shirt is all midrifty, and Spock has a menacing goatee. If the whole alternate universe thing is your speed, this’ll scratch that itch.

3. “The City on the Edge of Forever”
Kirk, Spock, and Bones slip back in time to the 1930s. Kirk falls in love with Joan Collins. Things go badly. It’s like “What if The Twilight Zone did a Star Trek episode?”

2. “Space Seed”
Kirk must defend the Enterprise against the impossibly charismatic despot Khan (played by the impossibly charismatic Ricardo Montalban).

1. Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan
This is what a Star Trek movie looks like when it’s firing on all cylinders. The weakest link in J.J.’s dynamite Trek was the villain — no such issues here. Khan is every bit the match for Kirk — and their galactic tussle elevates this one to the top of the heap.

(Cuddly bonus entry: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Yes, there’s a Back to the Future-y trip to 20th century San Francisco, no Enterprise, and, yes, whales. But it’s a fun little lightweight romp. Not substantial enough for a full meal, but a perfect dessert.)