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Linkin Park returns for new 'Transformers' tune: Welcome back?

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Linkin Park are back after a near two-year hiatus (don’t pretend you haven’t missed them), and have debuted their song “New Divide” at radio, iTunes and on their official site. The track will be featured on the soundtrack to this summer’s Transformers sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, with Shia LeBeouf. (Side note: LeBeouf is now apparently a music video director. LeStrange.)

Transformers is a big, loud, dumb noise-fest (essentially a videogame masquerading as a movie), so the pairing with Linkin Park makes sense. (Plus, the band had a song on the soundtrack for the first movie, too.) So how’s the new tune? Not bad, actually, if heavy on a dose of the self-serious. It just features vocals from Chester Bennington though, so those expecting some rhymes might be disappointed. But midway through there’s a robo-riff that will surely melt the faces off of plenty of angsty teens. A video is forthcoming, to be directed by the band’s resident DJ, Joe Hahn. Listen to “New Divide” below and decide: Classic Linkin Park, or classic radio-rock garbage?

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