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'Dollhouse' and 'The View' : Two Monday observations

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1. Remember my post over the weekend suggesting that perhaps fan support helped save Dollhouse and Better Off Ted? I think I was proven at least partially correct by a comment made this morning by Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly: “We made the bet on Dollhouse. That’s it for Terminator. If we canceled Joss Whedon’s show I would have got 110 million emails from his fans today.”

Translation: Who needs that headache — we may as well give the people what they want.

Now if only 3 million of those 110 million e-mailers Reilly envisioned actually watch Dollhouse season-two, it’ll become a success…

2. This morning on The View, Elizabeth Hasselbeck went mano a mano with Jesse Ventura, who besides being a former wrestler, former governor, and now would-be first-class surfer, also served in Vietnam. When the subject of waterboarding came up and Hasselbeck defended the practice, Ventura, an Independent, said he experienced water-boarding as part of his Navy SEAL training, and had no doubt that it is torture. One sentence in particular garnered much audience laughter and applause: “Give me a waterboard, one hour, and Dick Cheney, and I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.”

Write in if you don’t know who Sharon Tate was.

Or have an opinion about Dollhouse-saved-from-death. Thanks.