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Battleship movie? You sunk my creative integrity!

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Peterberg_lIf it can happen to Candyland and Monopoly, maybe it was inevitable that Battleship would be the next game turned into a movie. I mean, movies about sinking boats have done pretty well over the years. I guess Battleship was just bound to happen. It’s better than Yahtzee?

Wait, what kind of horrible world do I live in where I’m resigned to and unsurprised by a movie version of a guessing game? (Maybe one where Deal or No Deal, a guessing game that requires no skills whatsoever, continues to be on television.) How have I become so inured to this level of intellectual and artistic bankruptcy? I’d settle down in this ash heap and start counting my boils except for ooooooone tiny detail: Peter Berg is in talks to direct, and…I love Peter Berg. If there’s anything I care less about than football, it’s small towns in Texas, and yet I adore Friday Night Lights with the kind of slavish devotion and fascination other people direct at their religions. I want to call this a cultural nadir, but Berg’s potential involvement is giving me pause.

What about you, PopWatchers? Is this a sunken proposition from the get-go, or might Peter Berg pull you on board? More maritime jokes, you say? Oh, I couldn’t possibly.

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