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'60 Minutes': Vogue editor Anna Wintour profiled, coldly and broooooskly

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Annawintour_l Leave it to 60 Minutes to suddenly discover Anna Wintour, profiled last night after she’s been editing Vogue for 22 years…and they say “old media” is irrelevant! Why, here was correspondent Morley Safer getting to the bottom of those decades-long rumors that surround Wintour. What about those sunglasses she wears so often in public? They’re her “armor,” she said — oh, she can see out, but we can’t see in! What clever contraptions these dark glasses be, ye olde 60 Minutes discovered! And what about Wintour’s reputation for being chilly and distant? Safer got her to admit she could be cold and brusque — or as she pronounced the word, “broooosk.”

But although it claims to commit journalism, 60 Minutes failed to follow a basic rule: the Wintour profile lacked a peg, a timely reason for being. (Unless I missed it, there was no mention of the recent Vogue/Wintour documentary, The September Issue.)  Was it some sort of Vogue anniversary? No. Was the joint going out of business? No, not to hear it from the way Safer spoke of the fashion mag printing “up to 800 pages per issue” and touting Wintour’s “rumored $200,000 clothing allowance.” It was as though Morley Safer’s rascally postman had finally delivered that NetFlix copy of 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, and Safer — Gabby Hayes with a pocket handkerchief — cackled, “By cracky, you mean there’s a real-life lady this thing was based on? Get a posse and some rope: we’ll string her up!”

And so the venerable (well, long-running, anyway) TV newsmagazine tried all its tricks, such as putting the camera so close to Wintour’s face, I feared that if she batted her eyelashes at Safer (and believe me, he was angling for a little flirty-flirty), she might have scratched the 60 Minutes lens.

Yes, because she’s so withholding, Wintour exerts a certain eternal curiosity in the fashion and media worlds. That’s why quotes about her “armor” were popping up on the Internet in the week leading up to this week’s Minutes profile. Seeing that Wintour was one tough nut to crack — a walnut with bangs, to be precise — he went into fall-back mode, which was film a lot of young designers and then do voiceovers with zingers like “some might think [they] need a better tailor.” Stop, stop, my sides are hurting from your hilarious social commentary, Morley!

To be sure, 15 minutes on Anna Wintour is better than any random season of America’s Next Top Model, but…well, wait a second:

No, it’s not.

Did you watch? What did you think? Do you read fashion magazines? Do you pronounce “brusque” “brooooosk”? If so, please get into an elevator with Anna Wintour immediately. She so desires your company…