Jeremy Medina
May 16, 2009 AT 05:37 PM EDT

New videos from Phoenix, Modest Mouse and Marilyn Manson have hit the world wide web, and forgive me for being biased, but one of them is ginormously more awesome than the rest: PHOENIX! Those Frenchies really know how to (alt)rock, and their song “1901” is breezy, infectious and just plain great — easily making it one of our picks for a song of the summer. Just 10 days until the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album releases, kids. I hear it’s pretty swell. Check out their artsy/shadowy performance-based video below.

Phoenix: “1901”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your tastes), the Marilyn Manson video is not embeddable, so head here to view it in full. I’ve always said Marilyn Manson is a lot like a fine wine, and would only get better with time. Actually, neither I nor anyone else in the history of time has ever said that. Someone needs to tell the dude to grow the hell up. His song is actually titled “Arma-Goddamn-Motherf*****-Geddon.” Really? My soul is the corner crying, so thanks for nothing, Marilyn.

Also terrifying, but not in a so-bad-it-makes-your-ears-bleed kind of way, is Modest Mouse’s video for “Satellite Skin.” The song isn’t the greatest, but the imaginative video has aliens, bald children in cloaks, and walking animated mailboxes (or are they birdhouses?) Cool stuff! But not as cool as the Phoenix video, or as cool as I’m sure Marilyn Manson thinks he is. Which is your favorite?

Modest Mouse: “Satellite Skin”

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