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Eminem on 'Kimmel': Partying with the pink-slipped

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Man, this guy is complicated. One minute Eminem is calling Moby a gay slur, the next he’s phoning Elton John to get support as he kicks his pill habit. But give him consistency points on one thing: He clearly loves Michigan.

The rapper, who’s collecting nice reviews for his new album, Relapse, flew an audience full of unemployed Michigan auto workers to Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to watch him perform “We Made You.” Then he invited the whole car lot to his release party — talk about a solidly decent thing to do. Kimmel’s interview with the real Marshall Mathers (still sporting the natural brunette coif) was vaguely interesting (we all knew he read his reviews, right?), but better was the performance. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shady on my iPod, but I haven’t always been impressed with his concert style. Last night he stepped it up, appearing more dynamic and engaged with the music. Check it out for yourself:

But what did y’all think? Are you rushing out for Relapse? Is that collection of Eminem lullabies weird, or what? And about Kimmel’s other guest Mike Tyson: Who thinks the boxer’s wish for Jamie Foxx to play him in a movie is a good idea (or does the controversial boxer not deserve biopic treatment)? You tell me.