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'Better Off Ted', 'Dollhouse' renewals: Fan culture exerts its power!

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Dollhouse, renewed? Better Off Ted, renewed? Whaa? Are we living in a new alternate world, where intelligent but low-rated shows with potential for increased audience size can now thrive? No. This news, as reported by the Caesar of scoop, Michael Ausiello, is simply a great display of power: passionate fans finally making networks understand that, at a scary economic time to be a network, they’d better start listening to the fans.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these two shows — overseen by distinctive, original creators (Joss Whedon for Dollhouse; Victor Fresco for Better Off Ted — will receive the renewal notices because of all the internet support that bombarded Fox and ABC. They would doubtless deny it, but I would guess that both networks were mindful of past mistakes: Fox in having cancelled Whedon’s Firefly and ABC for cancelling Pushing Daisies, or name your own 100 times these networks, and CBS and NBC have killed creativity prematurely.

Yes, I lament that there wasn’t yet this kind of massive rallying in cyberspace to save older shows some of us loved, such as Andy Richter Controls The Universe.

But, hey, doesn’t it give you Chuck fans hope?

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