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Style Hunter: You liked it? Here's how to get it!

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Where the frak can I get Salma Hayek’s Battlestar Galactica shirt from 30 Rock? —Kristine

Fans theorized that Hayek’s T-shirt boasting a catchphrase from the Sci Fi Channel drama was simple product placement, but as Jack Burditt, who wrote the episode, explains, ”We thought it would be funny if Salma were wearing a goofy shirt while telling a story about a horrible crime she committed.” Her tee was custom-designed, but a real ”What the Frak?” shirt can be found at thinkgeek.com ($18).


Who makes the trench coat that Sun’s been wearing recently on Lost? —Laura

Since returning to the Island via yet another plane crash, the Oceanic 6 member (Yunjin Kim) has found cover — while searching for her husband — in a cropped ”Eamin” jacket by Tory Burch. You can pick up a navy version of Sun’s trench at bloomingdales.com ($237) or call Tory Burch directly to locate a khaki one, 1-866-480-TORY.


Where can I find that flowy blouse that Sam wore to the casino on Samantha Who? —Christina

If you’re going to go into major debt at a craps table in Las Vegas — and then beg for a bailout on your hands and knees in front of your former boss — you’d better look good while doing it. For her gambling debacle, Sam (Christina Applegate) wore a kimono top in ”dahlia” by Robert Rodriguez (shopbop.com; $200).

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